Marlene Diaz

Marlene Diaz has worked at the Four Points LAX Sheraton for 14 years. As a Room Attendant, Marlene makes beds, cleans bathrooms, and cleans and vacuums hotel rooms at one of LAX’s busiest hotels. Though she is proud to do it, Marlene describes her demanding work as “extremely hard.” “I am happy to provide this service to the tourists who come to Los Angeles,” she says, “and I’m proud to work in our city’s tourism industry.”

Just a few years ago, Marlene and her co-workers at the Four Points were working even harder, and for significantly less money. A city ordinance requiring that large LAX-adjacent hotels pay workers a living wage went into effect in 2008, ushering in much needed improvements for hotel workers along the Century Corridor, especially increased wages and benefits. Marlene says that the living wage made a big difference in her and her children’s lives. Thanks to the living wage ordinance for Century Corridor hotels, workers like Marlene have been able to earn more money and receive better benefits, which have meant a better life for their families and a stonger economy for the community in which they live. “The living wage should be extended to hotel workers across the the city,” Marlene says. “This will allow people to live better, have more balanced lives, and be able to have more money to spend to provide for themselves and their kids.”

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